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To avoid jail time and becoming a registered sex offender for Public Masturbation, Mika is forced to attend court mandated "Masturbators Anonymous" only to realize after the first meeting that the group would do more harm than good



A young man’s overused piece of advice leads to an impromptu date on the eve of the full moon that he’ll never forget.



On the run, at the height of the sixties space race and out of options, oafish grifter, Mike and his long time pin up girlfriend, Dottie, ,hold up in a shady motel waiting on the buyer of their stolen component that could set them, financially, for life...if they don't get killed first.



In this modern crime noir, a detective with PTSD teams with an eccentric phobia specialist/award-winning author, to take down the killers and cultists of Lochlan City, a place known for having the highest number of ritualistic murders.



Writer / Director

Joel H. Brewster is an award-winning screenwriter and producer with over a decade of experience in the film and television industry. He has written several screenplays for feature films and produced numerous short films, all of which have received critical acclaim and awards. His passion for horror and commitment to diversity has made him a standout voice in the industry.

Joel's feature film pitch for "Tourist Season" was selected for the 2022 Blood in the Snow Horror Development Lab and his short film "The Victoria I Know" was a Storyhive Digital Shorts Funded Film. His feature screenplay "Hands That Touched the Devil" was a finalist at the 2022 Vancouver Badass Film Festival and his short screenplay "The Ark" was a semi-finalist at the same festival. The "Invasive Creatures" screenplay was also a semi-finalist in 2020 in Screencraft Horror Film competition. 

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Assistant Director

A Latina Filmmaker looking to use Cinematography & Videography as a means to create a world full of cinematic moments. I have worked on everything from commercial sets to feature film sets, have worked everything from Production Assistant to Cinematographer for short documentaries & films, and would love to continue to grow as a Camera Op and/or Cinematographer for as long as I can.

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Producer / Editor

Matthew Manyak is a filmmaker, author, and serial entrepreneur. An alumni of Florida State University, Manyak has helped create and develop branding strategies and creative content for a diverse, international portfolio of companies ranging from the entertainment world to cryptocurrency projects, and from the wine and spirits industry to personal development. He operates his video production & marketing business, Double-M Digital, all the while pursuing an burgeoning career in the film industry where he is best known for his work on the Amazon Prime series “Deathless,” and the acclaimed short film, “After the Fall.” For more information, visit: 

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Cinematographer / Gaffer

I was born and raised in Colorado and never had plans of starting my career in the Denver area. My desire was to explore the rest of the world. However, in 2020, a little pandemic happened, and I ended up graduating from Michigan State University remotely. As a result, I found myself back in the Mile High City. I stumbled into a real estate job, but I knew deep down that my true passion was for creating art, contributing to culture, and making films. One summer day in 2022, I got lucky and landed a job on a film set. Coming home from set every day, I had this new feeling, the feeling of creating something that would touch people long after the actual filming ended. I knew right away that I wanted to chase that feeling forever.



Aaron Butwinick is a cinematographer based in Denver, CO. Before his film career, Aaron studied theatre and scenic design at DU. Aaron has brought his theatrical background to the screen, collaborating with directors and actors to create frames that tell a story and express human emotion. Aaron has worked on narrative, documentary, and commercial work. He looks forward to telling your story.

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